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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Gnome Party

My sister threw a party for her best friend's "Golden Birthday"...23 on the 23rd! 
We didn't know what type of theme to have since it was an after hour, BYOB party.
Inspiration came on a walk one day. 
I passed a overly, decorated house with lots of garden "art."
There he was...a fat gnome standing beside a sun bleached flamingo! 
He was my lil' muse! 
We literally had no the only way to style this event was with items I already had. 
I used lanterns with red candles and a lil' bit of nature, which the last time I checked is free. 
I made the miniature birthday banner out of foam and wire. 
The lil' gnomes came to life with felt, thread and hot glue. 
The decorations turned out great and the birthday girl was amused. 
The best part about the design was it came off the tables quickly for beer pong!

Gnome Nature Centerpieces
Gnomes with a miniature Birthday Banner

Felt Gnome

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