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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Love Note Tree

Love Note Tree with Owls for a Baby Shower
I'm excited to share my Love Note Tree. It was the first time I've done one. One of my good friends is having a baby boy and a beautiful owl themed baby shower was thrown for her. I was overjoyed to be able to create this tree for her and the big event.  The tree was set up in a black and white, believe or not, trash can. The tree is actually a large branch that I cut down from a dying peach tree in my mom's backyard. I designed owl note cards that hung from the branches. Guests were asked to write a note of love to the mommy to be or to the new baby. I also made two little felt owls that added to the overall design and theme.   
Owl Note Card
Felt Owl
Sleeping Felt Owl

Monday, February 13, 2012

DIY: How to make Tissue Paper Flowers

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and most people think that you need to go out and buy flowers for their loved one. But who can actually afford the $90 arrangement? Instead,  be creative and make them feel extra special with a hand made bouquet for less than $5. Guaranteed to make your valentine feel loved!
Check out my HowTo video...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Princess Party

The big day had finally arrived! The princess party at the park. 
I was skeptical about how to style the space. 
Let's be honest, parks are usually dirty, sandy and grungy to say the least. 
But this location was beautiful. 
The park had a huge, architecturally designed gazebo. 
From afar it actually looked like a castle. 
It had large pillars and open beams, 
which made for artfully hung and draped crepe paper.
I designed a banner that hung above the entrance, inviting everyone in.

princess party with banner
Princess party under the gazebo with banner

Each table had a vase of freshly cut tissue paper flowers, 
hand made from pink, purple and white tissue paper. 
We decorated the tables with jewels, 
that the kids used to decorate their crowns. 

tissue paper flower centerpiece
Princess party centerpiece with jewels
Tissue paper flowers

We also had a princess makeover station, 
where the girls got their nails painted and their make-up done. 
What park party is complete without a pinata? 
On the flip side, it is a little cynical to whack the heck out of a princess pinata so 
we decided to have a dragon pinata made instead. 
The kids, especially the lil' knights, enjoyed slaying the dragon! 

princess party with dragon pinata
Dragon Pinata

The kids also enjoyed searching for the stolen princess treasure. 
I designed a treasure map, and we buried a treasure box filled with chocolate coins. We placed a paper red X that marked the spot.
princess party with treasure map
Princess Treasure Map

Besides the birthday princess, the dessert table stole the show. 
The table was draped in tulle and flowers with ribbons that draped the edges. 

 princess party dessert table
Dessert Table

A silver castle settled in the middle was the eye catching centerpiece, 
complete with a horse drawn carriage and flower trees.

 silver castle centerpiece
Silver Castle centerpiece
princess horse drawn carriage
Princess horse drawn carriage

Every detail made for an impressive backdrop for the strawberry cupcakes. 
They were baked by Angelica Acosta and did not disappoint. 

princess cupcakes
Princess Cupcakes

I found the cutest lil' tiara cupcake toppers to decorate them. 
The top of the cupcake stand was adorned with 
a figurine of the birthday girl herself, as a princess character. 
The pennant banner above simply stated "Taylor."

princess cupcake tiara cupcake toppers
Princess tiara cupcake toppers
princess cupcake topper with flag banner
Birthday Princess with name banner

In the end, the party was a big success. 
Lil' cheeks were blushed, cupcakes were devoured, 
the dragon was slayed and the birthday princess was celebrated. 
All in all, it was a party to be remembered!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Castle Center Piece






princess party silver castle centerpiece
Princess Party Silver Castle Centerpiece

I'm getting ready for the Princess Party this weekend. I wanted to create something really special for the main center piece of the dessert table. I found a toy castle and sprayed painted it silver. It turned out so cute. I also made lil' rose trees to go on either side of the castle.  I'll post pictures of the event soon!