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Friday, March 30, 2012

:::Bridal Shower ::: Ooh La La:::
Bridal Shower Dessert Table

I was super excited to style this event. Friends of the bride threw her a memorable bridal shower. They chose hot pink and black for the colors. The table was dressed with a hot pink table cloth and white fabric was swagged along the edge. It was tied off with black bows. 

White swagged fabric, tied off with black bows

Lil' chocolate candy bows and corsets were made for the tops of the cupcakes. 
They were also displayed on a platter. 

Cupcakes topped with Chocolate bows and corsets
Chocolate Corsets and Bows

Tissue pom pom balls and a name banner were made. 
Each letter of the banner had a ruffle of black lace. 

Bridal Shower Name Banner

Name Banner with Black Lace

Center pieces were topped off with a hot pink tissue ball 
and black crystal beads were hung down the center of the glass vase. 

Tissue paper pom pom centerpiece

Glass jars held different scents of potpourri and guests were able to 
fill lil' organza bags with potpourri.  
Anchor Motif: Thank You Tags
Each bag was tied off with a lil' thank you tag so the bride can be remembered 
every time they see the bag in their lingerie drawer. 

Altogether, it was a fun party to style!

Monday, March 12, 2012

      :::Elmo Party:::
This party was short, sweet and to the point! 
The Little Gym is a great place where you can invite 12 of your child’s friends for an hour 
 to jump around and celebrate your lil’ one! 
That’s just what we did for my daughter’s 2nd birthday! I styled their party room head to toe “Elmo.”

At the time, my daughter was obsessed with Elmo; what 2 year isn’t?
 But I could not find a party favor that did him justices…so I made one. 

I bought red bouncy balls that I found at the grocery store and 
I bought paint markers from the craft store. 
It took me days but I painted Elmo’s face on every ball. 
I’ll admit it was a little eerie walking into the dining room at night 
having all the Elmo balls staring at me! 
Needless to say, they were a big hit with the kids!

My best friend, Angelica Acosta made her famous cupcakes and 
we dressed them with hand painted chocolate Elmo faces. I found the chocolate mold on ebay. 

 I also made Elmo cake pops, my first attempt, and decided right then and there that 
I will leave this task to the professionals!

Of course my lil’ fam bam was decked out in Elmo gear. I found my daughter’s ensemble on eBay. The Tutu Fairy helped me out with a personalized Elmo shirt and red tutu! 

She totally looked the part! The party was a hit and my daughter enjoyed herself!

 Big thanks to KJ PHOTOGRAPHY for shooting the event!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Gnome Party

My sister threw a party for her best friend's "Golden Birthday"...23 on the 23rd! 
We didn't know what type of theme to have since it was an after hour, BYOB party.
Inspiration came on a walk one day. 
I passed a overly, decorated house with lots of garden "art."
There he was...a fat gnome standing beside a sun bleached flamingo! 
He was my lil' muse! 
We literally had no the only way to style this event was with items I already had. 
I used lanterns with red candles and a lil' bit of nature, which the last time I checked is free. 
I made the miniature birthday banner out of foam and wire. 
The lil' gnomes came to life with felt, thread and hot glue. 
The decorations turned out great and the birthday girl was amused. 
The best part about the design was it came off the tables quickly for beer pong!

Gnome Nature Centerpieces
Gnomes with a miniature Birthday Banner

Felt Gnome