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Monday, January 16, 2012

Carnival Party

I had so much fun designing this carnival birthday party…especially because it was celebrating my baby boy! I’ve always wanted to do a carnival theme, knowing that there are endlessly possibilities for fun. I decided on this theme for his 1st birthday party the moment I pushed him…I know I’m crazy! Since then I’ve been eye spying, every store I shopped at for carnival or circus themed things! You would be surprised how easy it is to style a party exquisitely when you give yourself enough time…and I’ll admit a lil’ design sense is needed as well.
Carnival Party Invite

Carnival treats
The menu was simple:::Chili dogs, nachos, popcorn, cotton candy, caramel & apples and lemonade. Desserts included cupcakes, chocolate mustaches, cake pops and a candy bar!
Dessert Table
Cupcakes were made by Angelica Acosta and we topped them with clown cupcake toppers.
I made tiny balloons and attached them to animal figurines!
Clown cake pops by Lollie Cakes
Chocolate Mustaches
Photo Booth::: Refrigerator box painted red. And no booth is complete without KJ PHOTOGRAPHY shootin’ and clickin’ away!
I cut out funny dress up props for guests to use in the photo booth.
Carnival games:: ping pong blast, peg a clown, bottle toss, bowling and fish a duck to name a few. Some games were bought but most were home-made.
Clown faces were cut from felt and glued to cardboard. They were attached to red baskets.
Kids won raffle tickets at every game booth. They redeemed their tickets at the prize table.
Candy Bar

Birthday boy decked out in stripes and red suspenders.
The overall party was awesome. Friends and family enjoyed themselves and my baby boy was celebrated carnival style!! 

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