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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Dessert Table...on a budget!

Easter Dessert Table
I was so excited to celebrate Easter with my kids this year. I wanted to create something really special and do it all on a tight budget. I gave myself a challenge to design this dessert table using things around the house or my mom's house. I could only go and buy the ingredients to bake the desserts. 
We celebrated the holiday at my mom's so it worked out perfectly to use her wall piano as the table. It gave me different levels to work with.

Easter Tree
Felt Birds

 I've always wanted to create an Easter tree. I used a cut branch off my mom's apricot tree. I made little felt birds to hang from the branches and tied green bows as leaves. To display our colored eggs I placed them on a cupcake holder in color wheel order and tied a bow on the top.

Easter Basket Cupcakes

The Easter basket cupcakes were pretty easy to make. I topped them with dyed green coconut, piped the edges and added egg shaped malt balls on top. To create the handle of the basket, I used a pipe cleaner and tied it off with a bow. To display each cupcake I used tea cups and saucers turned upside down and added green grass to cover the cup.

Easter Bunny Cupcakes

To create the  bunny cupcakes I attached cut out paper ears. They were displayed on a platter that was also turned upside down. Majority of the flowers were cut from felt and attached to wooden skewers. I also made felt carrots.

Easter Egg Flower Centerpieces

The tiny egg flower centerpieces were fun to create. I dyed eggs that were not boiled. I cracked them on the top and washed the insides out. I added a little water inside and picked flowers from the garden. I placed each egg on a brandy glass. It was so easy to create them and they turned out really cute.

Carrot Garland
 The carrot garland was made from string and cut paper. I created them by cutting paper into strips and folding them and gluing the tops together. Then I laced a string through the tops of the carrots. They were a little time consuming but I can always use them next year too.

Peep Giveaways
I also had lil' peeps in bags that my children gave to their friends.
 I designed a label that said Happy Easter to one of our favorite peeps!

The holiday turned out to be a very special time spent with my family!

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